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Eli Van Boening


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there ride sharing services in Caldwell?
    • Unless there have been recent changes, there are not Ubers or Lyfts available in the area. This is something to note so you can plan accordingly for your ride home/to the hotel.
  • Will I get cellphone service in rural, southern Kansas?
    • In Caldwell, Verizon, Pioneer, and (sometimes) U.S. Cellular are the service providers which work the best! If you have Sprint or AT&T, you may have issues getting service in Caldwell. Service for these providers is better closer to Wellington and the interstate. If you need WiFi in Caldwell for any reason, there should be a hotspot available outside of the KanOkla Store on Main Street!
  • How can I discover my wedding guest personality type?
    • To be humorous, we created a Buzzfeed quiz to help you figure this out! Take the quiz by clicking here!
  • Have any other questions?
    • Feel free to email Taberie ( or Eli (, because if you're wondering it, most likely others are as well! OR check back here later on as we will continue to update this page with things you may want to know.


Below are the answers to the VB Wedding 2019 Crossword Puzzle:
7. Mexican
8. May
10. Italy
11. Philly Cheesesteak
12. Jens
14. March
15. August
16. Iceland
18. Biking
22. Umbrella Academy
23. Ford
24. Mary Poppins
25. Iowa
26. Football

1. Michael
2. Golden Knights
3. DU Brother
4. Willie the Wildcat
5. Sister
6. Basketball
7. Manhattan
9. John Deere
12. Justified
13. Packers
17. Nebraska
19. Purple
20. Kansas
21. Lanae
Genna Cowsert