Taberie Halling


Eli Van Boening

Wedding Party

Brae Jorgensen

Matron of Honor

Brae is Taberie’s older and only sister. They grew up sharing the same room, played most of same sports in high school, went to the same college, and were even apart of the same sorority. While they did a lot of the same things growing up, they are very different individuals and recognizing their differences has helped them grow close over the years. Taberie stood beside Brae when she married in 2016, and now it’s Brae’s turn to return the favor.

Austin Schnell

Best Man

Austin and Eli met through their fraternity, Delta Upsilon, their freshman year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They were roommates for one and a half years in the DU house’s illustrious Bud Room, and they also served on the exec team in DU at the same time.

Mary Kate Misak


Mary Kate and Taberie grew up like sisters and could be considered lifelong partners in crime. As children, Taberie and Mary Kate played dress up at Grandma and Grandpa Misak’s house, wrote letters back and forth from Kansas to Iowa with secret code names, and were ornery and creative whenever they were together. While their dream of living together in a purple-themed apartment never happened, they both live in Iowa and work in higher education.

Jacob Van Boening


Jacob is Eli’s younger brother by 4 years, but Jacob assumed the role of big brother sometime around his senior year of high school. Jacob and Eli have shared in several things through the years from helping their Dad on the farm to keeping what they know about what the other is up to quiet.

Julia Hilts Davis


Julia and Taberie met in high school - maybe? Their mothers were friends from college, but Taberie and Julia did not become best friends until their time together in their sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. They lived together many semesters in Kappa and were inseparable at Kansas State. Julia and Taberie bonded over their love of Carlos O’Kelly’s, sour candy, Lord of the Rings, Ford Escapes, Wildcat athletics, and much more!

Kyle Mans


Kyle and Eli met in approximately 2nd grade when Kyle came to school at Blue Hill from Red Cloud. They both played football and shot trap together through school. They spent some of college together as well when Kyle transferred to UNL their junior year.

Kami Nimitz


Kami and Taberie have been friends since day one. Their mothers graduated in the same class from Caldwell High School together, and they too graduated in the same class together. As children, they spent many sleepovers in Kami’s basement. While they now root for opposing Kansas teams, their friendship survives the occasional sports upsets.

Jason Sonderup


Jason and Eli met at their fraternity their freshman year in college. They took nearly all of their classes together getting their mechanical engineering degrees and were both involved in Baja SAE in college, where they built small off-road race vehicles and competed around the country.

Brooke Kuehny


Brooke and Taberie grew up only a couple blocks from each other in Caldwell, and they have attended the same school from preschool to Kansas State. While Brooke will always be more artistic, Taberie tries to be as creative as Brooke (but will never be able to come close!?).

Frank Pratt VI


Frank and Eli met through their fraternity, Delta Upsilon. During Eli’s first year at UNL, Frank became Eli’s “pledge dad.” Frank and Eli were also roomates in the Bud Room for one semester.

Molly Heady


Molly and Taberie became close friends during their time at Kansas State. They went on three road trips together in college and bonded over their love of country music and Nebraska guys. During their semester living together in the Left 6 of Kappa, Molly setup Taberie with Eli for a Kappa date pary. She is one half the reason Eli and Taberie met in the first place!

Jared Krueger


Jared and Eli have known each other presumably longer than either of them remember. Jared and Eli have shared many things through the years from wrestling in kindergarten to being members of Delta Upsilon fraternity in college.

Emily Jorgensen

Personal Attendant

Emily and Taberie have been close cousins over the years. Emily, Brae, Mary Kate, and Taberie were always inseparable at Misak family get-togethers. Emily is the oldest of the girl Misak cousins and has paved the way for the others in terms of getting married and starting a family (with many more milestones to come in the future).

Kaden Halling


Kaden is Taberie’s closest brother in age - only two years younger. Growing up, they weren’t allowed to sit next to one another in the car, because they would push each other’s buttons and get in trouble. Fortunately, they have grown closer over the years and both enjoyed a year and a half at K-State together.

Vanessa Meyer


Vanessa and Taberie became Kappa sisters in the fall of 2012. They lived together during their sophomore year in the Mid 6 and discovered their many similarities stemming from their small town upbringings. Also, they learned that they played in the same 1A state basketball tournament when they were seniors in high school!

Jaryn Halling


Jaryn is Taberie’s second younger brother. They played many family card games, board games, and video games together growing up - Pinnocle, Monopoly, and Super Smash Bros. just to name a few. Jaryn easily surpassed Taberie in height many years ago, so it’s hard for him to be considered the “little" brother anymore.

Patricia Cole


Patricia is one of Taberie’s Kappa sisters. They lived together in Kappa for a semester and got into shenanigans together, like spying on a Kappa sister’s date by riding in the trunk of the car. They both enjoy country concerts, laying out by the pool, and cute puppies (ESPECIALLY Patricia).

Jens Jorgensen

Ring Bearer

Jens is Taberie’s nephew and Eli’s soon-to-be nephew! He was born in July 2018 and is the first grandchild in Taberie’s immediate family. Taberie and Eli are wrapped around his little fingers, and their love for him grows through every FaceTime call, Snapchat, and visit from Texas. There’s no guarantees he’ll be able to walk down the aisle as ring bearer in June, but you can bet he’ll be stinking cute on the big day!
Genna Cowsert